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10 Tips for Decorating your Boys Bedroom

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10 Tips for Decorating your Boys Bedroom

Decorating your Boys BedroomWhen decorating boys’ bedroom it can be easy to resort to football and race car themes, sometimes we need a little more creativity when it comes to storage, space and just overall decorating ideas. Here are a few ideas to consider when decorating your child’s bedroom.

  • All in One: When dealing with a fairly small room you may want to invest in a raised bed. This way you can store everything such as a desk and wardrobe underneath, essentially leaving the rest of the room to decorate as you please.
  • Vintage Theme: When using a vintage theme you can trust that they will be able to grow up and continue to have an age appropriate room; saving you time and money in the long run. Repaint or revamp new bargain pieces that you find and brighten up the walls with new colors.
  • Bunk beds: Bunk beds are a practical way to go even if your little one is an only child. They are great for sleepovers and save lots on storage space as well. Consider bunk beds that come with storage beneath and built-in shelving.
  • Grown up colors: You may not be inclined to change their beds ever year or two so its best to choose a style and colors that have the ability to grow with them and can go with any décor or theme you choose.
  • Vertical space usage: Using wall space is absolutely necessary when dealing with small rooms. Over bed storage systems are the most practical and stylish ways to accomplish proper storage space while sticking to any theme you choose to decorate around.
  • Warm wood: If you are looking for a more informal or relaxed look then wood is the way to go. Wood with light or warm finishes can compliment any color or theme.
  • Personalized Rooms: Once you pick a theme have your little one draw pictures that mirror this theme. You can frame all the pictures and hang them in a close square or clip them to a string that’s stretched across the room if you’re on a budget.
  • Stretch space: You should limit bold patterns to low, horizontal spaces such as rugs on the floor or bed linens in order to make a small room seem larger than what it is. Also consider coordinating the furniture in the room.
  • Sharing space: This arrangement is great for those sharing a small space whether it is only on the weekends or brothers sharing a room. It allows both parties lots of storage space of their own.
  • Playing with shapes: Look for children’s furniture with contorted shapes and corners. These rooms can easily be decorated to fit cartoon and fairytale themes with furniture pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

These ideas can be used with virtually any theme of your choosing. When decorating your boys’ bedroom just remember to have fun and use that time to truly bond with your loved one.

Article: 10 Tips for Decorating your Boys Bedroom


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