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10 Tips for Decorating Your Girls Bedroom

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10 Tips for Decorating Your Girls Bedroom

10 Tips for Decorating Your Girls BedroomWe all know that sometimes women can be hard to please, and that starts at a very young age. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your little girls’ room while keeping everyone happy.

  • Grown Up Room: Having an all white room instantly screams sophistication and maturity. With white walls and furniture to match it can make choosing themes and accent colors that much easier. This way the room is allowed to grow with your children, and the only adjustments needed may be a new comforter, rugs or maybe even a new painting to hang on the wall.
  • Wall Art: Wall art is a simple way to instantly liven up a simple room. You could purchase wall stickers or even frame some of your girls’ pretty art work to hang on the wall.
  • Storage Creativity: Part of having a well decorated room is ensuring the right amount and kind of storage. As long as the storage of toys and clothes flows well with the room everyone can be satisfied.
  • Shared Space Division: Its not uncommon for younger and older children to share bedrooms although its not preferred. In order to make the arrangement more pleasant for both parties use the furniture to divide the room up evenly. This way the older child can have their study room space for homework and relaxation, while the younger one can have their side for toys and overall play.
  • Motif Creation: Choose one bold color for one wall and a huge wall sticker or painting of your own that shows great contrast as the focal point of the room. Choose contrasting colors for your furniture to really make the room pop.
  • Homework Haven: After they reach a certain point in school homework becomes part of the routine. It’s great to have a special place for them to study and have optimal learning potential without too many distractions. Purchasing a high sleeper bed and placing a desk/workspace underneath would be great for junior high girls.
  • Create a Reading Corner: Reading is essential for any age group so to encourage this you should have a corner in the room with large storage or bookshelves at their fingertips for any time of the day.
  • It Doesn’t HAVE to Be Pink: Most young girls’ love the color pink, but that tends to change as they grow older. Instead of getting rid of all the pink items you’ve invested in, throw in more colors that compliment the color. For example, green and blue contrasts several different shades of pink and therefore would be great new colors to focus on.
  • Fold It Out: Fold out furniture that can save space and act as a guest bed is a great idea for rooms, especially if you have a child who is extremely social. Fold out furniture are great for guest rooms and regular sleepovers.
  • Adapt to their storage needs: When kids are younger they need space for toys and games, but as they grow older their storage space needs vary as well. Don’t limit yourself to only bedroom furniture, but consider the bucket hanging off rails that are usually in the kitchen for your bedroom. You could also consider hallway furniture or office furniture for your girls’ bedroom. If it looks and feels good as well as meets your storage space needs then just do it.

These are just a few tips on how to decorate on your girls’ bedroom. For ideas on decorating boys’ bedroom cee our other articles.

Article: 10 Tips for Decorating Your Girls Bedroom


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