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7 Tips for a Contemporary Living Room Design

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7 Tips for a Contemporary Living Room Design

Contemporary Living Room DesignAre you more inclined to contemporary designs when decorating? Check out these ideas for decorating your living room with a contemporary style in mind.

  • Warm Tones: If you want your living room to feel cozy and welcoming, you may want to consider using neutral tones such as chocolate browns paired with various cream colors for a clean but welcoming atmosphere.
  • Floor Your Guest with Bold Colors: Patterns for the floor do not have to be limited by just rugs. Find a new bold funky pattern that you like in carpet or tile and do a new wall to wall design accenting the flooring.
  • Mix Patterns: As long as the colors compliment themselves it’s OK to mix patterns (such as stripes and flowers). Don’t limit your creativity; you may be on to something that really works for your home!
  • Don’t throw out the old for the new: Does your home have an old feature such as sealing beams? Instead of redoing the ceiling or any other old feature of your home why not spruce it up a little. Stain or varnish the wood, whitewash the brick and add some new furniture to finish the look.
  • Versatile Furniture: It’s easy to get bored with the same type of furniture year after year, and sometime our budgets don’t allow us to get the types of furnishings that we would like. Its never too late to get a little creative, instead of getting a new coffee table how about using a sturdy floor cushion instead?
  • Featured Wall: Use one wall in the room as the focal point or accent wall, and then tie the room together with a few pieces here and there that compliment both the wall and other furniture.
  • Assortment of Accessories: When decorating the coffee table everything doesn’t have to be right in the center or an even number of pieces. Invest in a number of pieces and then place them together to make one beautiful side piece arrangement.

Article: 7 Tips for a Contemporary Living Room Design


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