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Choosing the Right Colors for your Bedroom

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Choosing the Right Colors for your Bedroom

Choosing the Right Colors for your BedroomThe importance of the color of the bedroom may not matter to most people because the natural way to think is to say, “The color of the bedroom doesn’t matter much because I’ll be sleep”. In actuality, color is very significant because it can affect our mood and the way that we behave. This is why prisons would sometimes use the color pink when dealing with violent prisoners. “Drunk-tank pink” is used initially to calm the subjects (whether it be an opposing team in a locker room or prisoners), and is mostly associated with love and romance.

When decorating any room you may want to consider its purpose and what you will spend most of your time doing in that room. For example, when decorating your bedroom you may want to stay away from colors such as bright orange, yellow or anything else that you may associate with the sun. The purpose of the bedroom is to go to sleep, so you will need a calm and soothing color to aid in this process.

Recommended Bedroom Colors

Purple has a sophisticated and warm feel to it. Using a dark, rich color such as this can add dept to your color scheme and is an excellent accent color. If you choose to go with lighter shades of this color your room could still have a calming and restful feel without that “ice-burg” feeling that comes with certain shades of blue.

Blue seems to be the most popular bedroom color because it is known for its relaxing effect. It is recommended that you go with a warm blue like periwinkle or lively blues like turquoise that enhance that serene feeling needed when drifting off to sleep. Be careful when leaning towards darker blues, as it can make some feel sad. If you prefer dark blue then use it as an accent color instead.

Green is also a relaxing color with the same effect as blues. It is said that green can help with fertility and reduce stress levels. If you had your heart set on a cheery yellow for your bedroom then green may be a great compromise as it has the same qualities as both yellow and blue.

Neutrals are the safest way to go when decorating any room. Neutral colors such as gray, brown and white can be used as base colors, whereas black can be used as an accent color. Other colors can easily be added to accent neutral colors to get your desired look.

When decorating your bedroom, the colors that you may want to avoid would be red, yellow and orange. These colors raise the energy level, bring excitement and enthusiasm. Colors such as crimson red and yellow can make people feel irritated and hostile. These are feeling that you want to avoid having in your bedroom.

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation; somewhere you can rest and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When choosing a color for your bedroom consider these tips and your bedroom get away should be the room dreams are made of.

Article: Choosing the Right Colors for your Bedroom


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