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Design Tips for Your Hallway

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Hallway design ideas

Hallways don’t have to be long and boring, there are several ways to spice up that small space in your home and give it some character. Here a few tips on how to design and make the best of your hallways

  • Make the door stand out: you can always paint the back of your door, instead of keeping it the traditional white coloring. GO with a bold color that compliments the theme of your home or even have it match the rest of the woodwork.
  • Create your own art gallery: choose a focal point in the hallway whether it be the bottom of the stairs or right in the middle of the hallway, and put an array of pictures, wall art together. You could even throw in a couple of mirrors to make the hallway appear bigger and brighter.
  • Choose contrasting carpets: With carpet already lining the floors you could choose to enhance the patterns and color schemes by adding in contrasting rugs. If the eccentric look is something that you adore then this idea would be perfect and can be taken a step further by adding yet another patter to the middle of the stairs as well.
  • Vertical stripes: Does your hallway seem to be a little tight on space? You can remedy the appearance of your small hallway by adding vertical stripes along the walls to give the illusion of a taller hallway.
  • Proper Lighting: With the right type of lighting you can drastically transform your hallway from boring to glamorous. By investing in the proper light fixture you could improve the overall mood and make a subtle but lasting impression on anyone walking down that pathway.
  • Storage is key: Instead of having things cluttered together in the living room, you should invest in some storage for the hallway as well. You could buy a coat rack or a small piece of furniture to keep small things such as shoes or hand bags.
  • Use mirrors to enhance space: By using several types of mirrors you can achieve an elegant look while making the hallway seem bigger as well.

Article: Design Tips for Your Hallway

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