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How to Decorate Your Master Bathroom on a Budget

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How to Decorate Your Master Bathroom on a Budget

How to Decorate Your Master Bathroom on a BudgetWith the right colors coupled with beautiful wall art and the right fung shui, a floral theme can unify your master bedroom and master bathroom effortlessly (even on a budget). It is possible to have a stylish relaxing bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your master bathroom while honoring your budget.

Choose a base color for your Master Bathroom

The base color of the room is very important and is also one of the best ways to make a big change without spending a lot of money. You could paint one main wall of the master bathroom or go with an overall color change for the whole room. For example, a light green about the same shade of a leaf would be a nice floral paint that could be accented with practically any color of your choice. Fabric designs and accent pieces could range from colors such as maroon, lavender or pink; the options that you have when you combine floral green with other colors are endless.

Update Your Bathroom Tile

Replacing the tiles in your bathroom can be difficult when sticking to a budget, but there is a way to spruce up old bathroom tiles without buying new ones. Many craft stores carry high-quality and affordable decals that can just be peeled and stuck onto the old tiles in the room. These decals are extremely thin and blend in well so that your old tiles can look brand new. This is a great option when updating your bathroom, and now the tiles in the room can go right along with the new theme.

Practical Storage

Storage space is an important factor to consider while designing any room, including the master bathroom. You could add deep wall shelves and place lined baskets on them. The baskets coupled with the existing cabinet space should be sufficient enough to keep most items from beauty supplies to linens and towels out of sight. The baskets don’t necessarily need to be solid colored either; you could buy baskets with nice floral prints on them or get plain baskets and add your own floral designs using items from the craft store. Also when considering space it may be a good idea to de-clutter and make some much needed space by getting rid of things that are really needed anymore.

Affordable Wall Decor

Now for the fun part, the wall décor! When decorating your walls in the master bathroom with a floral theme you should consider metal wall art as it is affordable and there are a variety of options to choose from. Metal art work comes in an assortment of styles, sizes shapes and can include several colors.

Another type of wall décor to consider would be canvas paintings because they are also affordable and there’s no need to worry about buying an expensive frame. There are several canvas paintings that include floral designs for any style ranging from contemporary to traditional. These small contributions can really accent the master bathroom and compliment whichever base color you decide to use.

There are several creative ways to decorate your master bathroom while on a budget. Wall embellishments, more storage space are just some of the easy and affordable ways to update your bathroom, and can also be used to decorate other rooms in the house.

Article: How to Decorate Your Floral Master Bathroom on a Budget

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