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How to use Color in Blocks

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How to use Color in Blocks

How to use Color in BlocksIt can be frustrating when you want to do something new in your home décor, but can’t think of any ways to liven up the place. Everyone wants their home to have a certain “feel” to it when they or guest enter. Colors are a great way to enhance and change the moods and over-all idea of the different rooms. Here are a few tips on how to use color in blocks in order to spice up an overall boring room.

  • Mix bright colors with earth tones: If you want to make a room pop with color the best way to do this is to find a nice calm shade earth of any earth tone color as the main color and enhance these shades by adding bright zesty shades such as lime greens, reds and oranges. The floor and walls should be plain and allow the colored accessories to bring the room to life.
  • Create your own patterns with bold wall paper: It’s not necessary to use only one shade on any particular wall. Be bold, find different shades (bright and neutral colors) that compliment each other and put them together on any wall of your choice.
  • Use a focal point in your room: Not everyone wants to have bold blocks of color in their bedroom, and that’s ok. By painting the wall behind your bed you can still focus the attention of the room to the most important features. 
  • Simple Differences: If you don’t necessarily want to paint and wall paper rooms every time you want a change in the house there are other ways of adding splashes of color. Simply match similar shades of the same color by focusing on rugs, bedspreads and maybe even the color of the canopy over your bed. You could also add in extra artwork and patterned cushions as you see fit. 
  • The Floor: Is there a hallway in your home that you would like to jazz up with an extra block of color? Why not choose a bold carpet or tile color while keeping the walls neutral. You can easily enhance the new color on the floor by adding a simple accessory such as the same color mirror. 
  • Divide the space in a big room: When working with through rooms you can always pick one color in two different shades to define the difference between two areas while still keeping them linked together. 
  • Color the furniture: Don’t want to let go of the neutral theme that you’ve already committed to? No problem, just add the bold color through furniture. Find a nice bold dining table and keep everything else neutral.

These are just a few ideas on how you can use blocks of color around your home. Be bold and creative when decorating your home; and don’t be afraid to step outside the box in order to give your place of residence the feel that you are looking for.

Article: How to use Color in Blocks

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