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Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

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Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

DECORATING YOUR HOME OFFICEDecorating a home office can be a little difficult because you want to have a productive office without compromising the overall feel of your home. Here a few tips on how to decorate your home office.

  • Add Some Character To The Walls: When you go with a more neutral or monochromatic theme you can spice things up with a patterned wallpaper or design for the wall behind your desk.
  • Vertical Space Can Be Your Friend: If you have lots of items that need to be stored out of site you can place a wardrobe with sliding doors near your desk. Plenty of shelf space can allow for storage of books, binders, papers and anything else that you may want out of site.
  • K.I.S.S It: When decorating your home office it may be a good idea to just keep it simple. Just a desk with your most needed items arranged in a practical will do the trick for someone who doesn’t use their office often.
  • Spice Up An Alcove: Not all homes come with a separate room for an office. In this case you can fit your home office into an alcove of a through room. You could highlight that space by using that wall as a focal point. Choosing small furniture is best in these cases so that you don’t use up too much space.
  • Use Some Color: After you’ve chosen one central theme, you can liven up the room with two or three accent shades.
  • All In One: Work stations that have storage space can be the most practical in terms of storage space. There’s no need in wracking your brain trying to figure out where to storage all your stuff if you can just by a desk with built in storage.

Article: Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

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