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Top 5 Tips for the Front Yard of Your New Home

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Top 5 Tips for the Front Yard of Your New Home

New HomeIf you’ve just moved into a new house, you probably can’t wait to do some things to it that will make you feel like you’re at right at home. From decorating the rooms of your house to landscaping your front and back yard, these are all things that can help to make you look forward to coming to your house after a long day’s work each evening.

But as you probably already know, once you closed on your house and you’re in the process of moving your things in, you’re already on a bit of a budget. So, when it comes to your landscaping needs, you probably cannot afford to hire a high-end landscaping service (at least not immediately). That’s why we wanted to provide you with a list of five landscaping tips for homeowners. They’re effective, they’re relatively easy and the best part is that they aren’t real expensive.

  • Add some grass. There is nothing more beautiful than green plush grass. If you see that there are some bare spots on your property, make sure to plant some grass in those spaces. If you would like to use the kind of grass that doesn’t require a lot of watering, Bermuda, zoysia and buffalograss are favorites of professional landscapers.
  • Plant some new trees. There aren’t too many people who purchase a home and say to themselves “We have all of the trees that we could possibly ever want in our front and back yards”. And being that trees help to provide shade and protection, keep greenhouse gases at bay and also help to clear the toxins out of the air, they are definitely more than something pretty to look at. Before purchasing some to plant, speak with a local nursery or even a professional landscaping company like Land View Landscape Services about the kind of trees that will best complement your climate and yard.
  • Plant some flowers. Flowers always make things beautiful so don’t forget to plant some either around your front porch or somewhere in your backyard. Some of the best flowers for gardens include Blanket flowers, Pholox, Asters, Purple Coneflower and Peonies.
  • Add some mulch. Something that every lawn needs in order to help it to retain moisture is mulch. In the summertime, it helps to protect the grass (and trees) from the harsh summer heat and in the winter, it keeps the soil from becoming too hard. However, before you put down the mulch, first check to see if your soil is already too dry, especially around your trees and shrubs. You can do this by putting a screwdriver into the dirt. If you can’t get at least 6″ down into it, take out your hose and do a bit of watering. Then put down the mulch.
  • Add a water feature. A lot of people tend to think of water features as nothing more than something pretty to look at but they actually serve a greater purpose. In fact, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to add a water feature to your yard. For one thing, it enhances your local ecosystem by attracting more wildlife to your yard. Also, they improve your property value, help to reduce stress and they are relatively low maintenance. So, don’t hesitate to add one to your yard. It’s a small thing that can make a really big difference to your overall landscape.

Article: Top 5 Tips for the Front Yard of Your New Home

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